Pricing & Plans

What is Cloud?

Cloud Server is a dynamic virtual server with great scalability, which allows hosting applications, files and data according to the characteristics and limits defined, such limits can be changed at any time to better suit the application.

With the Cloud you have autonomy over your server!
Having access to Admin/Root you have full management of your cloud resources and consumption.
You can reboot your Cloud, access the Prompt via the client area, and much more.
Leave your server exactly as you imagined it!

Cloud Server Differentials

Vertical Scalability

Dedicated Performance

99.99% uptime


Whats is a Cloud Server?

Cloud server is a dynamic virtual server. Its great differential is its scalability, wich can be done at any time.

Can I host any solution on Cloud Server?

Yes, basically any application can be deployed on the Cloud.

Whats is the difference between a Shared server and a Cloud?

The nais difference is that Cloud offers dedicated resources, and Shared you share resources with outers users ia a virtual machine.