Pricing & Plans

Inicial 01

  • Processador: Intel Xeon-E 2136
  • HD: NVMe,SATA disponível
  • Largura da Banda: Começando por 500 Mbps
  • Banda Privada: --
  • Memória: Começando com 32G
  • DDoS Protection
  • Tráfego Ilimitado
  • Desde
    • Faster: All the power of the server just for your project, taking it to another level.
    • Secure and stable: Powerful, stable and monitored 24/7 servers for the success of your project, always with the best security practices for the security of your application and your customers.
    • Total autonomy: Have an environment just for your application, an environment that shapes itself to your needs.


    What is a Dedicated Server?

    The Dedicated Server is an exclusive environment for your project. You have full control and can adapt it to best suit your application.

    Can I host any solution on Dedicated Server?

    Yes, the Dedicated Server is great for all applications, but it is recommended for applications that have high demands on performance and processing power.

    Does Dedicated Server storage offer NVMe HDD or SSD options?

    You can have both depending on your needs. For example, your application needs a lot of storage space, we would use HDDs as they provide large storage capacity. But if your need is writing and reading speed, we would use NVMe, which despite offering less storage space, has great speed. So always looking for the best performance for your project.

    When should I migrate to a Dedicated Server?

    The Dedicated Server is ideal for large projects due to its great processing capacity. If your project is growing, and the number of hits is increasing at a fast pace, it might be time to migrate to this solution.