• High Availability: Any mobile device can receive SMS without internet connection.
  • Versatile: Send it all! Disclosures, charges, schedules, notifications, passwords, etc.
  • High Reading Capacity: The cell phone is always in people's hands, and up to 90% of SMS's are read within 3 minutes.

Keep your customers informed

With instant SMS sending make sure your customers see your notifications.

Send updates on purchase confirmation, delivery status, appointment confirmation, and more to make your customer interaction much more enjoyable and simple.

Plans & Prices

Envio de SMS Marketing

Envio de SMS Marketing
Para todo território brasileiro
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Envio de SMS Integrado

Envio de SMS Integrado a Sistemas
Para todo território Brasileiro
Fazemos a integração com qualquer sistema
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Common questions

Why use SMS Marketing?

SMS is a high-impact solution that reaches users quickly and directly. Having the great advantage of not needing an internet connection.

What are the main applications for using SMS?

SMS can be used in all types of applications, especially in short and direct messages, such as: appointments, confirmations, sending bills, passwords, among others.

Is it possible to integrate SMS sends into my application?

Yes, SMS sending can be integrated into your application. And don't worry, we do the implementation.